Titus 3:1-8

  • Good People
  1. Good citizens
  2. Doing good in a “good way”
  • All God!
  1. I was a sinner
  2. God saved me!
  3. God’s GRACE – kindness, love, mercy
  4. God our Savior
  • Grace Works
  1. It is important that YOUR grace works!

Why should we obey our government?

What if we don’t agree with our government?

What is important to remember when trying to interact with ungodly/difficult people?

If you are a Christian, what were you like before you “got saved?”

Do you believe you were a bad sinner?  Why or why not?

What changed your life?

How were you changed/saved?

Why can’t a person work their way to heaven?

What changes happened inside when you put your faith in Jesus as your Savior?

How does that affect the way you live now??

In what way are “good works” important?

Sermond Notes (PDF)