Antioch Church

Sunday, September 20, 2020
Pastor Chris Hess
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Acts 11:19-30

Why did believers from Jerusalem go so far north?

What do we know about Antioch?

What does it mean to “preach the Lord Jesus?”

What did Barnabas see when he came to Antioch?

What encouragement did Barnabas give them?

What kind of man was Barnabas?

Why did Barnabas go get Saul?

What did Barnabas & Saul teach for 1 year?

Why did people start calling them Christians in Antioch?

Who was this prophet?  How could he know what was coming?

Why would the church send help to Jerusalem?

What do people see in you?  In our church?

Are we known as CHRIST followers???

Sermond Notes (PDF)