Discipleship School


Old Testament Overview -- Part 1

March 22, 2024

In this class, we will walk through the Old Testament and gain a deeper understanding of God and His incredible love for us.

The Old Testament is often overlooked by the church. We struggle with various aspects which seem to have no relevance to believers today: the many laws, sacrifices, people (Do we really need to know these people?). We question the portrayals of God’s wrath as they don’t seem to fit with God’s love as shown in the New Testament.

We will look at these and other issues as we walk through the Old Testament.

NOTE: We will hold another session in the future to complete the remainder of the material that we were unable to complete this time.

About the Instructor:

Gale Struthers has been teaching at Oak Hills Christian College since the fall of 1988.  She took time out to finish a Master’s and Doctorate degree each focusing on the Old Testament.  While working on her Master’s Degree she had the opportunity to study in Jerusalem, Israel for 10 months.  This is an amazing way to learn the Bible - actually being in the same place where different biblical events happened!

Gale is passionate about helping people get to know God better as they get to know his word more deeply.  She works on making the Bible come alive, so one can better understand the message of the biblical text.  The goal:  to have a deeper relationship with our God and Lord.

Old Testament Overview -- Part 1