4 Chair Discipling Seminar

Saturday, August 28, 2021
8:00 am
Calvary Chapel 500 Irvine Ave NW

How did the message of the gospel saturate the entire ancient world in less than 30 years without cars, the Internet or smartphones? It spread from person to person as early Christians obeyed Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples.” These believers followed the disciple-making method and model of Jesus, the Master Teacher. As they did, others came to know Him, not just about Him! And they in turn became Christians who discipled others, multiplying a movement.

Jesus knew the people He encountered were at different stages of growth and development. He intentionally challenged them to move to the next level.

4 Chair Discipling Seminar

Calvary Chapel

Saturday/August 28/8am-Noon

Cost: $25.00

Scholarships available if needed.

For more information, contact Paul Straubel 218-556-8661

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